Why This Is Here and How We Help You

This site is here to make leadership concepts easy to understand and take action on.  Not everyone that is a leader cares about being a better leader, but those that realize that improving is important, tend to say they wish they:

  • could find the time to improve.
  • knew what books and resources would be worth the limited time they have.
  • had a clear plan of how to get started

That’s where I come in.  Hours upon hours of reading and browsing and listening are done every week, so I can bring you some of the best things out there to help you become a better leader.  I take that knowledge and give you plans and tools to help you figure out how well you are taking on and using the most important take-aways and actionable steps for improvement from what’s being shared.

I created this site because as I’ve worked with leaders who are just starting out, I’ve wished there were easy tools and clear summaries for my teams of leaders, so I decided to stop wishing.  I do this not because I’m a leadership guru, but because I’m learning too.

John Maxwell says in the Law of Process, that there are four phases of Leadership Growth which are:

  •    – I don’t know what I don’t know – we are unaware of the value of leadership
  •    – I know what I don’t know – Something has caused us to realize that we need to learn to lead.
  •    – I grow and know and it starts to show – Knowing you need to learn and then working daily to grow.
  •    – I simply go because of what I know – After time of experience, leadership can become almost automatic if you’ve invested in yourself consistently.

Welcome, phase 2, 3 and 4’s.  The heart of true leadership is cultivating environments that help people give their very best, hopefully to things that matter.  I’ve been a leader for 17 years now and still constantly find that there is more learning to be had, but as I work to go from 3 to 4, come join me on this trip as we all get better at this thing called leadership so we can give the best to those we lead.


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