John Maxwell: Rule of 5’s

Leadership Toolbox, Video 0 547

Rule of 5 for leading with timestamps for spots where he covers certain topics so you can go back and review:

1. Lead yourself 29:55 – 41:40 – have the leadership values in you that you want to see in others
2. Add value to people 41:41 – 49:50 – people that continue to add value continue to gain influence.
3. Study Leadership 49:51 – 54:14 – Read leadership book, get around great leaders.  He spent an hour a day studying, every day.
4. Practice Leadership 54:15 – 58:31 – Some people never apply what they learn.
5. Intentionally grow 58:32 – I constantly put myself in environments that push me to grow and stretch.
And no, I’m not doing body by vi, ha, just a good video.

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