5 Reasons to use Reflective Thinking

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Step back. Slow down. Think about your latest experience.

Want to improve more in a few months than some people do in an entire year?  Here’s how.  It is so easy to rush toward an event and wash your hands of it once you are done.  Why go back right?  On to the next!

Well, according to John Maxwell, here are 5 reasons that taking some time for reflective thinking and walking back through your last experience benefits you:

  1. Gives you true perspective
  2. Gives you emotional integrity to your thought life
  3. Increases your confidence in decision making
  4. Clarifies the big picture
  5. Takes a good experience and makes it a valuable experience

I like to first take 15 to 20 minutes of personal reflective thinking time and mentally walk through big events to think about what worked and what didn’t for myself before involving others.  Then I try to also get people together who were part of my team for a group session of reflective thinking to discuss what worked, what didn’t and what they would change or like to try for the next time so I can round out my perspective and make sure that I and they aren’t missing anything for the future.

I strongly recommend getting a journal for this so you can look back and see any trends and do an annual longer reflection session as well.

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