Motivation Monday – Dealer In Hope – Napoleon Bonaparte

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Napoleon - never satisfied and hand always cold. Tyrant to many, short to some.

A leader is a dealer in hope. —Napoleon Bonaparte

For all the smack talk you can say about Napoleon from, that guy had short man complex(listen its not cause we are short, we are just naturally driven) to he was a tyrant, the guy got a lot done.  He also made huge mistakes like charging into Russia(IN THE WINTER), but I remember visiting Paris with my wife on our honeymoon and hearing the tour guide talk about how much of Paris is as gorgeous as it is because of Napoleon’s influence and insistence.  We can learn something from everyone.  This quote makes me think about how as the leader, if you don’t have hope, your team will surely shrink and wilt.  As the leaders, we are also head cheerleader and, as Napoleon put it, a dealer in hope as we help the team go from victory to victory and use hope to push us through the low points till the next win.

This week think of someone you can encourage and give a little hope to.

Any thoughts on this quote you’d like to share?  Make it happen in the comments area.  Thanks!

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